Augusta Lung Associates offers a full range of office care and critical care medicine, as well as other special services such as sleep studies and clinical research trials. Our physicians are Board certified in Pulmonary Disease and Critical Care Medicine.

Pulmonary Diseases

We provide a full range of Pulmonary Disease care in the office and hospital   including evaluation and treatment of Asthma, COPD (emphysema), Acute and Chronic Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Lung Cancer, and Tobacco Use disorder.  We also evaluate and treat  Interstitial lung diseases such as Sarcoidosis, Bronchiolitis obliterans organizing pneumonia, and IPF (pulmonary fibrosis). We provide Pulmonary Function Testing both in the office and hospital.  We provide office and hospital diagnostic testing such as Bronchoscopy and Thoracentesis.  We are conveniently located adjacent to the Imaging Center which provides CT scanning and Xray services, the PET scan facility and outpatient lab drawing facilities.  We provide 24 hour coverage for our patients including admitting services to the hospital for lung related illness.

Critical Care Medicine

We provide in hospital ICU care for our patients and as consultants for other specialists such as Surgery or Cardiology as well as primary care physcians.  We manage ventilator support, vasopressors for shock, infections such as pneumonia and sepsis, metabolic derangements, and other critical life threatening illness.


Sleep Disordered Breathing

Sleep apnea is a common disorder in patients with lung disease as well as the general population.  We provide consultation and diagnostic testing for sleep disorders related to lung disease both in the office and hospital setting.

Augusta Lung Patient Portal

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